13 06 2010

this site is officially abandoned, now I’m over at WTFDSDT. seeya there


New Horizons

8 06 2010

I’m going to be switching to a different sub-domain on wordpress soon; what the fuck did shaun do today

Cheers to Brendan for new name idea.

Going to be using same theme (EDIT: saw a new one I’m considering) and everything else will largely be the same, only I will be changing the header, when i get around to making it, if i can ever be bothered, by all means try making one for me. <.<

And I’m going to turn on publicize – Facebook. so might get an increase in traffic and comments hopefully. For those of you who hate the very idea of Facebook, I wouldn’t worry too much, not got people who you would hate as my friends.

So that’s pretty much it, I’ll switch as soon as I get a header. (going to use headerless blog theme) I’ll make one last post here to say that this place is abandoned when I switch. Seeya there.

Let’s go

3 06 2010

Was meant to go to a fair yesterday with my friends, but as we got there we learned that it decided to close for a day, the day after it opened.

Instead we then went to Tower Park; for those of you who don’t know it’s basically a big place with lots of parking and fun places such as cinemas and food places.
First we grabbed some food at KFC; a place I had  never actually eaten at before, oh how I missed out; reasonable prices for some of the most sexy fast food ever.
All i had was a Pepsi and a ‘Snack box’ basically a box they throw chips and your choice of chicken thing into, the chicken was sexy, no surprise there as they are a chicken based chain after all. The surprise actually came in the chips, how their chips were quite so awesome and ambrosial I have no idea, they must have laced it with crystal meth.
KFC is now my favorite Fast Food place.

Then after screwing around in Tower Park for a good hour, we went to see ‘’ a film none of us had heard of, but it turned out to be quite awesome. nothing life changing, but just a really good film that was well worth watching.

My enjoyment was in no small part thanks to the fact that it was like English or at least, English accents, you see I always find it strange to see English accents in any form of media nowadays, from video games, TV and movies I’m used to my content coming from the USA, so whenever I hear it on the big screen or anything it just seems so novel to me.

It was a good evening and so far a great half term. I just hope we all get a chance to go see this fair thing this week.

Piss it

28 05 2010

Internets still down, not sure when it’ll be up.

Freddy’s advice sucks.

Also, Love Actually is a depressing film to watch if you’re single.

Not realy sure what to write, especialy when  I feel like people are looking ove rmy shoulder in this library. I came in early with the intention of catching up on some work and I did, sort of. now just killing time until my first lesson, 45 minutes to go…


Think this is the song I wanted to put in, at college now so it could be just about anything.

What do you want from me?~

Miles of Machines

15 05 2010

“I can’t change, I’m like a chameleon; always a lizard”

Got a couple of awesome clothes, the maority (2/~3) of you have seen them but I’ll post them anyway.

Awesome pandas with guns I had some trouble tracking down, inspired of course by Brendan. Also Totally pinkish lighting because I had my curtains shut in this picture.

Awesome pinstripe waist coat (you can’t see the pinstripes on shit cam) with a hood at the back (which you can’t see.) Inspired by Jane from The Mentalist.

And what’s also good is i found an unused giftcard for Topman on my desk, Topman are pretty shit but I should be able to find something good amongst the crap.

So I’ll hopefully head down there soon for more awesome shit.

Between You and Me

10 05 2010

Gentleman, ladies, I have come back from a terrible, unspeakable ordeal; a loss of internet spanning 4 long, horrifying days.

Hmn, since I have the gun out, this calls for a gangsta’ pose.

That was supposed to be my serious face, but I sort of ended up with my tongue pressing up against the left side of my mouth while I was trying to concentrate on the really difficult picture I had to take. So all in all, it ended up making me look like a bit of a retard, but oh well. Call me a retard with a  gun in yo’ face, I dare you, I double dare you mother fucka’.

(also not my video and I didn’t check if the lyrics are correct, enjoy)

Move You

5 05 2010

What a melancholy day I’ve had, this being after a melancholy 3 day weekend. When I woke up I was extremely drowsy and I had all of 20 minutes to get ready before I had to leave;Which, by the way has become an annoyingly routine thing. The first lesson was so boring I can barely remember it, though I do remember realizing that I had completed all my work for that subject. It seems that all of my work is starting to tie together, just as well, we’ve got to complete and hand in all our work before half term.

I brought a bottle of lucozade sport with me (this stuff ) It’s an energy drink for men! Menergy!
But alas, by second lesson I was seriously struggling to stay awake and achieved all of no work.

Tutor stopped me on the way out of class just to make sure I wasn’t dead or something, which meant I had to spend a good 10 minutes walking around outside the education facility, to the food selling buildings, past the kinky costume selling building (“fancy dress”, AKA sexual role play attire) then right into the adjacent large stretch of well kept land which contains benches and a lot of aesthetically pleasing flora for leisure purposes, trying to find my friends that of course, in all friendliness decided not to wait for me.

We then spent lunch doing pretty much nothing but half halfheartedly kicking a ball around, then arrived 15 minutes late to our lesson at which point the lesson had been canceled and for our last lesson? it was canceled as well, since we couldn’t find a room.
We were told to go to the library and do some work or go home. Everyone but me and one other classmate went home. He went to the library to do work, I however, went to wait for my other friends who’d said they’d give me a lift and also to see if I could burn through any more of the Iliad which I’m reading at a stupidly slow rate. I got through 2 pages and finished that chapter before I saw them come in, it was good progress in my opinion.